Ethical Standards

Because Convictions Matter

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil,

who put darkness for light

and light for darkness.
Isaiah 5:20




First and foremost, I am under the authority of Almighty God.  His self-evident truths transcend man's opinion.

I'm saved by the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, and strive to glorify God in

marriage, family, community, church and nation.

I Stand For:

  • Government under the self-evident laws of God

  • Election integrity

  • Faith, prayer, and community values

  • The rights granted by our Creator as outlined in our Bill of Rights - ALL of them

  • Honoring our history; learning from error

  • Male & Female - God created them

  • Unity is our strength; E Pluribus Unum

  • The beauty and innocence of childhood

  • Limited government

  • Government serves the People, not vice versa

  • Legal immigration

  • All lives matter, born and unborn

  • Celebration of traditional American, Tennessee, and local culture

  • Education = Communication skills, math, science, history, civics

  • Decentralized authority; localism

  • Decentralization of power through local preparedness

I Stand Against

  • Government under the imperfect, waffling judgment of politicians

  • Unconstitutional mandates & Executive Orders

  • Unchecked, & unconstitutional federal power grabs as prohibited by 10th Amendment

  • "Rights" invented by government

  • Dividing Americans by race, gender, and class

  • Perpetual government expansion

  • Aggressive hypersexualization of children

  • Illegal immigration

  • The erasure of history and statues

  • The disregard of civil rights progress & opportunity

  • Identity politics and the fomenting of class warfare

  • The monstrously disastrous failures of socialist and Marxist political systems

  • Fraudulent "science" and rule by "expert" decree

  • Socialist ideology masquerading as "education"

  • Centralized authority; globalism

  • Centralization of power through fear